Classroom Builders Connected Storage
Classroom Builders Book Tubs, Tote Trays and Storage Caddies

The Scholastic CLASSROOM BUILDERS range offers you the first completely connected storage solution tailored to your classroom and library needs.

Build a connected classroom storage collection any way you plan to use it—for levelled reading, hardcover picture books, chapter books, or for your STEM and craft materials! Available in 13 levelled-reading colours, as well as black and white, the Scholastic Classroom Builders range enables you to organise your school library or classroom. See the whole range

Tote Trays

Start building your connected storage with our Tote Trays—the backbone of the CLASSROOM BUILDERS collection. Each Book Tub, Caddy or Snap-lock Case fits in, on, or alongside our Tote Trays, with a unique lid design that ‘locks’ the Trays together, meaning you can stack your resources horizontally or vertically! Keep your books and resources organised in reading level colours, or choose from any of the 15 colours available.

Book Tubs

Whether you are starting from scratch, or refreshing your classroom library, you’ll need a place for every book and collection that is easy-to-use, durable, and requires as little day-to-day maintenance as possible. Book tubs are Scholastic’s most popular and flexible book storage solution from the Classroom Builders range. They have been designed by book experts with the classroom and school library in mind.

Small Book Tubs

Build your classroom library by starting with one of our Small Book Tubs designed for standard picture books, chapter books and readers. The slimline profile and unique ‘locking’ system means you can simply slide the side of one tub into another tub (Small, Medium or Large Tub) for easy access to levelled readers or your classroom library collection.

Medium Book Tubs

When you need an easily accessible place to organise and store your levelled readers, our Medium Book Tubs are the solution. Designed to fit our Key Links and Short Reads collections, as well as most standard take-home readers and levelled readers, they simply slide together to build a connected storage solution.

Large Book Tubs

Easy-to-access picture books make reading choices easier too! Build your classroom library with our Large Book Tubs, wide enough to display picture books face out. Available in all 15 colours, the Large Book Tubs are the hardest working in our collection—they’ll hold picture books, take-home readers and chapter books. They also connect to all the Small and Medium Book Tubs for a complete set.

Storage Caddies

Classroom storage for your unique needs. Our Storage Caddies are a convenient and versatile way to hold materials. Better still, they can be safely moved around the room whenever a student needs a new workspace, or you just want to change things up.

Storage Caddies

Our Storage Caddies are the hard workers of the CLASSROOM BUILDERS collection! They can store everything from maths resources and craft materials to STEM loose parts, chapter books and levelled readers. They also fit our Snap-lock Cases, and they fit like a glove inside our Tote Trays! When kids are working on a project or task—the handle folds up so they can carry their own Storage Caddy, and it folds down so you can put a fitted lid on top for easy storage.

Divided Caddies

Building your collection means ticking off all the boxes—our unique Divided Storage Caddies fit the need for somewhere to store pens, pencils, craft materials and more. You can stay with your levelled reading colours or choose from the rainbow of 15 colours available. Put a lid on top and store your Storage Caddies inside one of our Tote Trays for a colour-coordinated, connected storage solution!

Snap-lock Case

Organise your task cards or manipulatives with this set of three durable plastic Snap-lock Cases. Each set of three (available in one colour per set) fits neatly inside a CLASSROOM BUILDER Storage Caddy or you can use one in a Divided Caddy—keeping manipulatives plus activity or task cards in one place!

Classroom Builders Sets

When you’re looking for a solution to store your entire levelled reading collection, our CLASSROOM BUILDERS connected storage solutions are the go-to way to get organised. Every set includes a free bag—a handy way to store your collection!


Looking to upgrade your library? Brighten your classroom with a rainbow collection? Buy more than 30 pieces (in one colour) from the Classroom Builders collection and save! Email: for a quote. See the whole range

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