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25 Essential Language Arts Strategies to Help Striving Readers to Succeed

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ISBN: 9780545087476


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Build on your readers' strengths
and support their reading growth.

Focusing on each of the five language arts — reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing — the this wonderful resource provides 25 strategies that will engage your striving and uncertain readers, and provide the thoughtful scaffolding they need to achieve reading proficiency.

Some of the strategies and activities include:
  • Listening: Read-Aloud Role Play, Directed Listening-Thinking Activity (DL-TA)
  • Speaking: Story Teller, Pass It On!, What’s On Your Mind?
  • Reading: Paired Reading, Buddy Reading, Text Slam
  • Writing: Language-Experience Approach, Directed Writing-Thinking Activity (DW-TA)
  • Viewing: Story Mapper, Caption Writer, Visual Scavenger Hunt
and many more!

Each strategy is presented in an easy-to-follow format that includes a thorough description, teaching ideas, a sample activity that models the strategy in action, children's literature suggestions and lesson extensions. The book also features a bibliography of more than 200 children’s literature selections, so you’ll find books that will appeal to all your readers.

Learning Area: English

Ages: 6 to 12

Page Count: 128

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