Large Book Tub - White

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Our range of plastic storage solutions is designed to be flexible, stackable and most importantly, usable!

Our large book tubs are strong and durable, featuring a high back which allows for the storage of taller books and folders. The wider sizing means you can store picture books face out for easier access. Each tub has a unique 'locking' system, which means you can simply slide the side of one tub into another and they can be easily stacked on a shelf without moving. They can also be connected to our small and large book tubs, also available online.

Each tub has also been created to sit on top of our Tote Trays once a lid is put on, and if you're short of space you can store vertically as well as horizontally! All of our plastic storage is available in 15 levelled reading colours, giving you the flexibility to ensure your reading levels are catered for—or you can mix and match across our entire range to create a rainbow of practical storage! 

  • 245mm H rear
  • 120mm H front
  • 270mm L (front to back at base)
  • 295mm W (middle of tub)
  • 250mm x 270mm L (external base)
  • 240mm L x 260mm L (internal base).

Ages: 3 to 12

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