Humanities and Social Sciences Resources
social sciences and humanities Resources

Help students develop a knowledge and understanding relating to broader enduring ideas that underpin the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The social sciences and humanities are where your students learn about the world around us, our place, and how we interact with others. Students can explore the richness of the world with Atlases, or provide your students with the opportunity to explore different perceptions of people, places, ideas and events through cultural diversity.

Linking the past with the present, students will discover how their world is different and how it might change in the future. They’ll discover connections between people and place and explore the contributions communities and people have made and continue to make. Civics and Citizenship provide tools for older students to develop an appreciation of diverse perspectives, empathy, collaboration, negotiation, self-awareness and intercultural understanding.

Part of learning about change is the discovery that while history and geography change, so can we; learning how to self-manage difficult and challenging situations and developing a growth mindset is also an important step for kids when learning about themselves and their place in the world.

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